PVC scuba rack for car

Diving is a passion of mine. I’ve been diving more often lately and, as any diver knows, transporting equipment is one of the logistical challenges of the sport. Having acquired a larger vehicle recently I decided to build a small equipment rack for it to support my usual configuration, namely two single AL80’s.

Rack with cylinders



I chose not to epoxy the PVC because I foresee making changes to the rack design in the future. If you want to epoxy the PVC into the joints, you’ll also need:

The 1.25” PVC can be found at your local hardware store. Neither Lowes nor Home Depot carried any of the 1.25” joints so I got those on Amazon.

I have 43” of trunk space between the wheel wells in my vehicle. This rack is 41” wide, which ended up being a snug fit.

Rack without cylinders or gear bag

The sections that run parallel to the cylinders are ~27”. The short connector sections perpendicular to the cylinders are each 5”.

I chose to leave a large central space for my gear bag. Adding additional 27” sections using the T-joints adds capacity for up to 3 additional single AL80s for a total capacity of 5. In the future I may move sections around to support a twinset, which is why I didn’t epoxy anything yet.

Here it is fully loaded:

Rack with cylinders and gear bag

Overall I think it turned out pretty good. Total cost of materials was about $100. I believe the demand for PVC to build ventilators has slightly increased the price. Tank racks can be had premade for much cheaper, but I wanted something fit to my use case, equipment and vehicle. Plus it’s fun to build it yourself.

15 Aug 2020